What’s Been Made Here

Kerry is known internationally for its scenic strengths – ranging from the wild and rugged, to the charming and sublime.

Poets, painters, photographers and film makers have been inspired by Kerry over the centuries. Film has become one of the most accessible art forms; through film audiences from all over the world have access to new places – both real and of the imagination. Kerry as a location for film offers a wide variety – urban, rural, coastal, old, new, industrial, untouched landscapes, woodlands, islands….the possibilities are endless. The county offers ‘other world’ charm in its countryside and mountains, the busy towns offer modern hotels, restaurants, cultural activity and facilities.

1969 saw the screening of Ryan’s Daughter, filmed in Dingle, this film has inspired and continues to inspire visitor from across the globe to the rugged Dingle peninsula. Kerry offers film makers the chance to inspire audiences.

The potential to locate film in Kerry is huge; we urge producers, directors, location managers and location scouts to come to Kerry and find your special place.