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Data Recording Studio


Located on the coast just north of Tralee, our studio has the perfect balance of vintage analogue and brand new digital equipment. The bright and spacious control room houses the 36 channel Audient ASP 8024 mixing console along with our extensive collection of outboard gear.

Both live rooms are fully sound proofed and visible from the control room making live recording very easy. The biggest room is 132 square metres in size with an excellent natural reverb, making it ideal for recording a ‘Big Drum Sound.’ The smaller live room is a 24 sq. meter room with a dampened acoustic sound making it ideal for vocals etc.

Studio 2 is our ‘Mixing Studio.’ It was designed and equiped to provide our mixing engineer with every possible advantage to mix your music to the highest professional standard. it incorporates a dedicated Pro Tools system along with Genelec 1031 and Yamaha NS10 monitors.

Address: Tralee, Co. Kerry

Ph: 00 353 0 857 632066


Little Dylan Studios


Little Dylan Studios is based in Killarney, Co. Kerry and together with producer, musician & sound engineer Brendan O’Connor, it is the ideal location to create and record music.

Using state of the art studio equipment, Little Dylan Studios offers first class recording and mixing services under the guidance of music veteran, Brendan O’Connor.

Killarney, Co.Kerry




Sonas Recording is based in Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland, on a stunning 5 acre site overlooking one of Killarney’s famous lakes, Lough Guitane. The studio has been in existence since 1994, and since then, we have had the pleasure of working with the best of musicians, local, national & international.

The studio is set in a 2000 sq. ft house, used exclusively for the purpose of recording. It includes a control room & three live rooms, allowing musicians to play live together with complete separation between instruments. Three of the four recording rooms provide a stunning view of lake & mountains.

The equipment we use has been carefully chosen to provide the ultimate signal path from mics to pres to conversion. We cater for all styles of music plus voiceover & audio for video.

Contact: Tony +353 (0)86 2611170

Killarney, Co.Kerry