What We Offer

NO FEE! – Kerry County Council does not charge a fee for use of land under its jurisdiction for films made in Kerry

COMMUNICATION – We can arrange meetings with the Roads Department. If you need advice from our Area Engineers, Coastal and Harbours Officer or other we are happy to advise. (See Useful Contacts)
LOCATIONS – In consultation with staff expertise in house we continue to assist you to find specific locations that suit your requirements.
CONTACTS – If you need to contact another organisation locally we will find you the contact person. In certain cases you may need contacts for private landowners, if we can assist with contact details we will!
INFORMATION – We often get queries for specific information with regard to local areas, it may be historical, local tradition etc we have a wealth of information via experienced staff and our library archives.
FUNDING – There is a regional Irish tax credit of 37% available to production companies filming in Kerry. See more info here: https://www.screenireland.ie/filming/section-481
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CAST & CREW – Contact Siobhan in the Film Development Office (filmkerry@kerryetb.ie) to find locally based crew & cast